Alleviate Stress During COVID-19

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Alleviate Stress During COVID-19

The first item I like to do is write down all the things that are happening in my life, including good and bad. Then I like review as to what I can change and what I have no control over.  Then I look at a more positive bigger picture of events.  The items I cannot control like the virus, I view it as temporary and I with time it will be in the past. 

Understanding that our stress can lead to physical, emotional and even mental fatigue to our mind and body.  I found working from home a great opportunity to teach our body how to relax and grow our mind. Maybe relax through yoga, meditation, or deep breathing exercises. I like to take a short evening walk with my husband to get out of the house while social distancing.

I also like to highlight my unavoidable daily responsibilities and try not to be such a perfectionist since it only leads to stress.  I understand my physical and emotional limitations so I like to take any large tasks and break them down into much smaller tasks that I can handle in the timetable I am able to do accomplish. Then I step back and review my accomplishments for the day.

Enjoying life and those around you with less stress will help in prolonging your life.  Exercise can be good but careful if you are outside not to get too overheated and drink plenty of water.  Avoid the late night sugary snacks, overeating and caffeine.  Although many are social distancing without physical contact with their loved ones, a call or text will reduces stress.  Social interaction is important as well as find time to be alone for a little while each day.