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Space Saving Ideas while Working from Home

Many of us are now working from a home office, dining room table or on our laptops these days.  A small workstation can work just as well as a larger one. The key is utilizing your space wisely so here are some space-saving tips:

l Maximize your space with wall shelves, book shelves or ottomans with storage, nesting tables and pedestals.

l Going vertical? If your space is very limited you can make good use of vertical space. Try vertical towers, overheads bins, shelves with baskets for storage, hanging pencil cups, paper clip trays, etc.

l A side table can be used to extend your work area and helps keep your main work surface free of clutter. When done, just place items in a basket or decorative bin.

l Two-for-one suggestion: A mobile pedestal can double as an additional seat for visitors by adding a cushion.

l I use a lateral filing cabinet as opposed to a standard vertical cabinet. The Lateral cabinets hold more files, has clean lines and I use baskets on top for more storage.

l Store older files and research in a closet and away from your office space so your space doesn't feel clutter. Box, label and store your files in another room, closet or storage unit if needed.

l Only keep your current projects on your desk. I use stackable file trays for easy access and to save space of the files I use most. When done, I file it away.

l I like using my dry erase board to track assignments and dates to keep organized what's due and what's finished. Customize it to fit your own needs or schedule on your phone such as reminders. Avoid the sticky notes all over the office will help to feel like home more than being at the office 24/7.

l Try to store only your supplies needed in your office space. Then find a hidden space to store your extra supplies such as another closet or under your bed in roll out bins.